Natasja Payne

Natasja Payne

Natasja is a registered revolutionary yoga and meditation teacher, Jyotish astrologer, and spiritual life coach.

Power of Mantra

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Words when spoken become sounds and all sounds are ultimately vibration. Even the unspoken or written word carries within it a unique frequency signature and vibration. The world and the universe is one great vibratory reality. In Genesis 1:1 it was even shared that the beginning of all life started with sound, with vibration; “ First there was the word and the word was with God”. This word or unique vibration is the sound AUM which has been translated into AMEN. This first vibration of AUM created all other sounds, words, and languages. The Sanskrit language was the very first language and this language is known as the language of light. Light is vibration and vibration creates space . 

The Sanskrit language therefor has a very spacious, expansive and uplifting effect. Many Sanskrit words have multiple layers of meaning and become doorways for the individual to experience, know and understand the infinite wisdom of Sanataan Dharma, the Universal Eternal Truth. This is why reciting mantras in Sanskrit becomes extremely powerful as it allows us to expand our awareness , provides an infinite potential to elevate us and gives us the awareness and/or insights how to break free from the lower vibratory patterns that ultimately can keep our inner greatness hostage. Infinite because we can not quantify or measure space, its boundaries are not locatable therefor mantras when chanted in the Sanskrit language are extremely powerful yogic tools to help expand our conscious awareness. Mantras are a string of Sanskrit words that invoke a certain vibratory quality and feeling allowing us to instantaneously increase our own inner vibratory experience and feeling state. There are many different forms of mantras, there are mantras that are like universal prayers for peace, compassion and unconditional love, but there are also “seed” sound mantras that help us to awaken the potential hidden within that seed sound. When we hold a seed of a sunflower , we know that the potential within that seed is to become a beautiful strong tall sunflower with a brown centre and many golden yellow petals. All that seed requires is to be “activated” , without the activation the seed will always remain a seed and it will never ever be able to reach its own inner greatness and potential. The activation here is the rich dark soil, plenty of water and direct sun and moon light. Without these present the seed will lay dormant waiting for it to be activated. Each human being has 6 seeds planted within their own body, it is our chakra / energy system . Each chakra has a seed sound and when we chant this sound its vibration will merge with your vibration and it will uniquely activate your potential in that chakra . Chanting mantras is a very powerful experience and there are four different ways that we can chant mantras. We can chant mantras out loud which when we are in a group setting can be an extremely powerful experience as it will greatly increase the vibratory resonance and can amplify the vibration felt within. We all know that our human body is made up of 85% water and that water is extremely efficient at absorbing vibration and conducting it throughout our entire being. Water also has the ability to hold on to memory , this is why when we chant out loud the body can hold onto the memory of the mantra and allows us to retain and recall the mantra better. After chanting it out

loud we can take it to the level of a soft whisper where it becomes more heart based which allows us to invoke a deeper intimate relationship to the mantra we are reciting and finally we can take it to the level of mind where we recite the mantra internally at the level of our awareness. Chanting a mantra at the level of our awareness is extremely powerful and a tool often used in meditation to help with staying present in the moment and can be extremely helpful with dropping deeper into one’s meditation. It allows the mind to stay concentrated onto the mantra and will be less tempted to be interrupted by the input that our five senses constantly receive from the outside relative world. When we begin to chant the mantra internally what happens is that the mantra quickens, we seem to repeat the mantra at a greater speed and this is a very normal occurrence that allows us to come into a beautiful deep transcendental state where there is no longer a separation between the self and the mantra. Being in that state of expanded being-ness allows us to gain deeper inner experiences where we can have spontaneous inner visions and insights. Quite often one can lose the mantra not because they are thinking but because they entered into a deep state of meditation and If this happens just allow the mantra to fade in your awareness and to only pick it back up again if you start to get pulled into various fluctuations of the mind. Below are some examples of mantras one can chant to elevate one’s own experience and increase one’s access to their true nature.

Popular Yogic mantras :

Peace or Shanti Mantra

Lokah Samastha Sukinho Bhavantum

May All beings be free of suffering and be set free.
 May All beings experience great peace and great joy. May we rise as one , May we heal as one.

Sataya Mantra

Asatoma Sad Gamaya

Tamaso Ma Jyotir Gamaya

Mrytor Ma Amritam Gamaya
May we be led from ignorance into truth
May we be led from darkness into light
May we be led from cycle of death-birth-rebirth into the ever lasting life.

Chakra Bija Mantras

Lam (root), Vam (sacral), Ram (navel), Yam (heart) , Ham (throat) , Aum (3rd eye)

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