Natasja Payne

Natasja Payne

Natasja is a registered revolutionary yoga and meditation teacher, Jyotish astrologer, and spiritual life coach.

Saturn: The Planet of Higher Consciousness

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Saturn, also known in Vedic Astrology as Shani,  is the slowest moving planet of all the planets. It takes approximately 29 to 30  years for Saturn to move through all 12 zodiac signs and the 12 houses. Each zodiac sign occupies one of the 12 houses. Each house represents a certain aspect of our life, our physical incarnation.

First house rules the physical body and how we appear outwardly to others, the second house is about our family we are born into, our family wealth and bank account, the third house rules communication, siblings, courage and entrepreneurship, fourth house rules the mother, our home, and our conveniences such as cars, houses, lands, properties etc.

The fifth house signifies our past deeds from previous lives, education, speculation, and children, the sixth house signifies debts, diseases, competition, service to others, small animals, the seventh house is the relationship house, marriage, all partnerships and friendships, how we relate with others. The eight house signifies all hidden things, occult, mysticism, longevity and inheritances. The ninth house is the house of the guru, the teacher, the house of our dharma, our purpose and higher knowledge. The tenth house is the house of the father, our career, it is all outgoing movement and energy. The eleventh house is the house of networking, fame, speculations and gains. The twelfth house is the house of foreign settlements, being in hidden places such as hospitals, temples, retreats, its is also known as the house of moksha or enlightenment. 

Saturn is in each sign and one of the houses for two and half years compared to the Sun who is only there for 30 days. The moon is the fastest moving planet with only being in one zodiac sign and house for approximately 2 days.  Because Saturn moves so slowly, its affect on each zodiac sign and house therefor intensifies and can be very much felt. It is said that the influence of the planets are here to guide us to our own inner greatness.

We are born like a seed full with inherent potential, but because of our own ignorance we forget, however the planets are here to nudge us back to our own greatness. Saturn is ultimately that planet that will make us return to the promise that we were born with, and to ensure we unlock the promise of the seed so it can blossom into magnificence and greatness.

You see the exact time of your birth is not by accident, it is divinely planned so that you are born with specific strengths, weaknesses, gifts but also past deeds that must be relearned in this life. Our own birth chart interacts with the current placement of the planets in the sky and we call these transits in astrology. The transit of Saturn is the most difficult, especially the transit of Saturn going over your own natal Moon.  We call this the 7.5 years transit of Sade Sati. Because Saturn’s influence is so strong, one will already feel the effects of Saturn moving 2.5 years towards the Moon one house prior to it, then it travels 2.5 years over your natal Moon and then it slowly leaves by going into the following house which takes another 2.5 years.

For those who have Moon in a fire sign like Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo will feel this transit the most. The purpose of Sade Sati is for transformation, to ensure one is following their inner truth and dharma. Our society teaches us that happiness is outside of us, that it is something we can buy, attain or derive from others. In fact nothing outside of us, not even our friends, family and life partner can fulfill us. This would be an unfair expectation for they themselves are also looking for the exact same fulfillment you are looking for. We ask others what to do, what we should study, how we should act, or move through life, often asking others who  do not know themselves these answers.

Saturn is the planet that makes us take full responsibility for our life. That life is the way it is because we allow it to be so. Yes, pain is inevitable but suffering is optional . We can learn so much from our pain and joy, and leap forward in our evolution towards Self-Realization and Self-Actualization. We must take full responsibility for our life, only then can we truly begin to live an interior life of deep connection to our heart, our soul, and inner voice. 

Every 29 years we experience a Saturn return where Saturn transits over your natal Saturn. This is a very intense time, especially if we have not lived an interior life, for this transit will remove, take away anything or anyone that is not in your best interest our part of your greater plan. Often we see during these transits that people have relationships breakdowns, job losses, or are undergoing big huge personal changes in their life like moving to a new country, going back to school, letting go of a good job that no longer soothes the soul. This is all the work of this powerful Saturn transit.

Often when one is in those transits, there is a lot of turmoil and challenges but years later one realizes how profound that time was for they would not be where they are today. So often challenges are part of growth and evolution. One thing is for sure we are here to evolve and grow, there is not one human being on this planet that would want to stay the exact same way for eternity. This is why Saturn is sometimes called a planet of Karma, as it will make you face all the obstacles in your life and will hold you accountable to do what you have set out to do before you were even born. If you would like to know whether you are in a Sade Sati transit or Saturn return book your Jyotish Life reading with Booking a Life reading Jyotish astrology and gain greater insight to your own potential so you can unlock your personal greatness.

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